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Leiden University Fund (LUF) supports research and education at Leiden University. One of the ways LUF achieves this goal is by strengthening the ties between the university and the alumni, and between individual alumni. LUF organizes specific alumni activities, such as the dies natalis for alumni in Leiden and the Cleveringa meetings, which take place at some forty locations around the world.

Donations turn ambition into achievement

Donations from alumni and other supporters are vital to LUF’s goal to further the success of Leiden University. Thanks to the many generous donations LUF receives from alumni each year, we are able to provide grants facilitating high-quality research and education at Leiden University.

Your donations are highly appreciated! There are many ways to donate to LUF, ranging from online donations to establishing a named fund.

Supporting specific projects

If you would like to know more about donating to LUF or about supporting a specific project, please contact us via or telephone number +31 71 513 0503. We will gladly discuss the various donation options and the significance of your support to research and education at Leiden University.


Change of Address

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