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Conference participation grants

Please note: Only ‘contract-promovendi’ (unsalaried PhD students) can apply for LUF conference participation grants. This means that you do not have an employment contract with the university, LUMC or related institute. Only PhD students with a zero-hours contract, PhD students with a personal scholarship and outside PhD students are eligible for this grant. Not having an employment contract should be confirmed in writing by the faculty involved.


  • You do not have an emploment contract with the university, LUMC or related institute, to be confrimed in writing by the faculty involved (see above).
  • The maximum conference participation grant awarded by LUF is € 500 if the conference takes place in Europe or € 1000 if the conference takes place outside of Europe.
  • Your department or faculty should contribute at least one third of the total costs.
  • Only travel costs, accommodation costs and registration costs are eligible for financial support from LUF. So, meals, local transportation, visas, manufacture of posters are not eligible. Registration costs may not exceed € 300. Please note that you will have to hand in your receipts when you submit your expenses form.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please ensure you include all the attachments listed on the application form conferences and study trips (PDF). Applicants should use LUF’s budget form conference participation (Excel).
  • LUF provides financial security grants, which means that the amount that is paid out never exceeds the amount spent, even if this amount is lower than the amount originally awarded. Example: If LUF has awarded you a financial security grant of € 500 but you have spent € 375, you will receive the actual costs, so these € 375.
  • You can only apply if you have never received a conference participation grant or study trip grant from LUF before. It is intended that only one person per research group receives a grant or the same conference. 
  • Submit your application on time, so that the committee can evaluate the application before the activity takes place. Activities that take place before the meeting are not eligible. The committee meets several times a year.

All applications are evaluated by the Committee for Academic Expenditure (Commissie Wetenschappelijke Bestedingen, CWB), which consists of representatives from Leiden University's seven faculties.

Application form

Applicants should fill in the application form and budget form conference participation (Excel). Please e-mail your application form with all required attachments as stated below to Deadlines can be found in our deadline schedule.

Required attachements:

1. Motivation
Motivate your application, including a brief description of the topic in relation to your research.
2. Acceptance
Proof of acceptance of your active contribution to the conference. This must proof your active contribution to the congress in the form of a paper or poster presentation. Please send us a copy of the acceptance of active participation. If you have not yet received an acceptation at the time of submission, you must hand in this proof with your declaration. An exception to this requirement is only possible if such an active contribution by PhD students in the field in question is not common.
3. Recommendation
A written reference by the Head of Department or your supervisor.
4. Budget form
Use our budget form conference participation (Excel) to calculate your grant application. Please include information about other (potential) grant awarding institutions.  
5. Proof of financial support from the Leiden University
With this document you proof that at least one third of the expenses for travel, lodging and registration is carried by a faculty or department within the Leiden University.

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