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Nominees for LISF Prize and Janneke Fruin-Helb Scholarship 2017
25 October 2017

On Friday 10 November 2017 the annual LISF Prize and Janneke Fruin-Helb Scholarship will be awarded. The nominees have now been announced.

LISF Prize for best report on a foreign study trip
The annual LISF Prize will be awarded to the student who wrote the best report on its stay abroad following a grant by the LISF committee. The LISF Prize 2017 will be presented by Teun Voeten, alumnus of Leiden University, photographer and anthropologist. The winner will receive an amount of 500 euros and may give a presentation at a Cleveringa event abroad.

The report of the following students have been nominated for the LISF Prize 2017
• Jacob van de Beeten (Law) – education and research at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).
• Stijn Gillissen (Medicine/LUMC) –Trauma surgery at the King’s College Hospital in London.
• Marika Giudici (•Social and Behavioural Sciences/Anthropology) – research at Sulawesi (Indonesia) on conservation projects and the impact on local communities.
• Jan Paul Menzel (Science/Chemistry) – research at University of Massachusetts in Amherst (USA) on reactive scattering of polyatomic molecules on irregular surfaces.
• Tuure-Eerik Niemi (Governance & Global Affairs) – education at Universiteit of Michigan in International Economic Relations, American and African politics and 20th Century History. Participated in Global Scholars Program.
• Marjolein van Pagee (Humanities/History) – research in Surabaya (Indonesia) into the person of Soetomo, propagandist.
• Maaike Schilperoort (Medicine/Biomedical sciences) – research at Universiteit van Warwick (UK) into G-protein-coupled receptors in brown adipose tissue.
• Manon Schouten (Humanities/History) – archive research in Stockholm into letters of Swedish missionaries to get insight in the fight for autonomy in French Equatorial Guinea.
• Laura Stauth (Social and Behavioural Sciences/Anthropology) – field research in Cairo on women in the informal sector in Egypt: domestic labour,
• Alessio Thomasberger (Social and Behavioural Sciences/Anthropology) – field research in Ghana on charcoal production.
• Jesse Wichers Schreur (Humanities/Linguistics) – education in Language and Culture at the University of Tbilisi (Georgië) and field research into the minority language of Mingrelian.

Janneke Fruin-Helb Scholarship for the best research proposal
The Janneke Fruin-Helb Scholarschip is awarded to a talented student who has applied for a scholarship at LUF for research abroad, based on an extraordinary and creative proposal. The winner receives an amount of € 2.250 from Kim Beerden, chairperson of the LISF committee.

The 2017 nominees are:
• Joris Demmers (Science/Biopharmaceutical Sciences) – proposal for research at the Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA) to develop a technique for creating mtDNA mutations to study the effect on age-related diseases.
• Alexander Elias (Humanities/Linguistics) – proposal for field research at Flores (Indonesia) fieldwork on Austronesian language Endenese.
• Jelte Krol (Science/Biopharmaceutical sciences) – proposal for research at the Centenary Institute in Sydney (Australia) in the Liver Immunology Group.
• Matilda Sebire (Archaeology) – proposal for a pilot experimental project in Turkey using micro wear analysis to investigate prehistoric ornamental technology.’
• Pelle Sinke (Sciences/Ecology) –  proposal for research on life cycle assessment of traditional Indonesian soya bean products
• Lieke van Son (Science/Astronomy) – proposal for research in Brazil into the formation and evolution of galaxies.
• Robin Verwilligen (Science/Biopharmaceutical Sciences) – proposal for research at the Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA) on immune modulation of atherosclerosis.




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