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Dozens of innovative projects approved
11 June 2018

Once a year the LUF Committee for Academic Expenditure (CWB) awards grants for scientific projects of Leiden University researchers. These grants for academic talent are often an important step towards grants by NWO and other institutions.

In March 2018 the CWB discussed 105 applications for a project grant. All applications were reviewed on the basis of a number of criteria, among them the innovative character of the project, the problem definition, the applicant's resume and the relevance for society. 31 grants were awarded (30%), while 74 applications could not be honoured. 

In the coming months, Leiden scientist will be working hard on topics such as the efficacy of the plastic bags policy, a novel genetic test for predicting the success of cancer immunotherapy and the introduction and impact of Greek statuary in Republican Rome. 

All projects can be found on this page.



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