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Mr. P. Heering Sr. Fund

This fund was set up by Mr. P. Heering on 10 December 2013, with a gift of  € 150,000.

The fund is in memory of Mr. P. Heering, who was chairman of LUF from 1961 to 1971. During his term of office he made an important contribution to updating the LUF in line with changes in society. In addition, under his chairmanship the LUF received many substantial donations and legacies.


The aim of the Mr. P. Heering Sr. Fund is to enable students at Leiden University’s Faculty of Law to gain experience abroad in the field of European and international law. This aim is achieved by providing subsidies for individual students who wish to study, do research or some kind of fieldwork in these legal fields in another country.

Decision on subsidies

Decisions on subsidies to be awarded are taken by the Committee for International Study Trips by students  that comprises professors of the different faculties at Leiden University.

Applying for a subsidy:


You must be registered at Leiden University and must also be a student of European or International Law.
Your intended departure date is after the consultation and the meeting of the committee, and not before.  
You must be available for an interview on the day the committee meets.
You are a student member of the LUF.

A subsidy from the Mr. P. Heering Snr. Fund varies from € 250 to € 1,500. A higher amount may be awarded in exceptional cases. The subsidy can never amount to more than the shortfall in funding that is eligible for a subsidy.


If your application meets the criteria (see above) and is considered to be adequate, you will be invited for an interview on your proposal. You will be invited for the interview roughly one week in advance. During the interview you will be asked to explain your project, the methodology you intend to use and your motivation. If you are unable to be present at the appointment, you will not be awarded a subsidy. The decision will be made known within 7 days after the committee meeting.


The LISF committee meets at least six times a year. The 2017 deadlines for submitting applications and the meeting dates are included in the LISF meeting schedule.

Your application comprises the application form (PDF) and seven appendices. 

Please make sure that you number all the appendixes and that you arrange them as follows:

  • Appendix 1 (1 A4)
    Summary: please summarise the project in a maximum of 250 words and indicate the project, your motivation and  how it relates to your field of study. Budget: please provide an explanation of the items budgeted for on your application form.
  • Appendix 2 (a maximum of 1 to 2 A4)
    Project description: please describe the project and give the reasons for your chosen destination. You should pay attention to your project question and to justifying your research methods. The project proposal should be written such that it can be understood by non-specialists.
  • Appendix 3 (a max of  ½ to 1 A4)
    Personal motivation: please indicate what your personal motivation is and why you are enthusiastic about this project. You should also include details of your development to date and your plans for the future. Formal relationship to your study programme: please make it clear how the project relates to your study programme and why it is important for your programme. Contacts: you should indicate who your supervisors or contacts are at Leiden University and in the local environment, and what their role will be.
  • Appendix 4
    Letter of recommendation from your Leiden lecturer/supervisor. This letter should also confirm how the trip relates to your study programme and the study credits you will earn from the trip. In the event of a conference or symposium, we also require a letter from your department/faculty approving the financial outlay.  
  • Appendix 5
    Letter of confirmation from the host institution abroad (if applicable).
  • Appendix 6
    Curriculum vitae
  • Appendix 7
    Certified transcript showing the grades you have earned so far, or a copy of your BA/MA grade list.

Please submit the form and all the appendices digitally before the deadline to

Final requirements

You should submit a final report to the LUF within two months after your return. This final report should comprise a signed financial summary and a descriptive report including several photos. In the financial report you should provide a summary of the actual costs and should indicate the difference between the actual costs and the budgeted costs. The descriptive report should be a personal account of a maximum of 1,000 words, indicating why you chose this destination, what the aim of the project was, how the project fitted into your study programme, what you intend to do with your study programme in the future  and what you gained professionally and personally from this visit. You should also submit several digital photos (preferably via  that show what you have done. The report and photos will be owned by the LUF and can be used for publicity purposes.  

More information

If you require any further information after reading the above, please contact us via