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SVM Packaging and Environment Scholarship

Bright ideas about Packaging and our Environment?

Do you have innovative, unexpected, transcending insights about the subject packaging and the environment? Would you like to develop your ideas about the optimum balance between consumer convenience and environmental impact? Apply now for the SVM Packaging and the Environment Scholarship and win a scholarship of € 4000 for your master thesis project!

The Leiden University Fund is, together with Stichting Verpakking en Milieu (Foundation for packaging and the environment), looking for master students who have bright ideas and impactful proposals about this subject. Hand in your thesis proposal to apply for one of the grants.


You have completed the first year of the master’s degree programme and are enrolled in your second year of the master’s degree programme at Leiden University. You are preparing your master thesis that is related to the subject ‘Packaging and the Environment’.

Application Conditions:

A motivation for your application for the SVM Packaging and the Environment Scholarship containing:

a strong technical basis;
a creative and innovative proposal;
a brief description of the expected impact of your proposal on the public debate on packaging and the environment.

Your intended supervising Leiden University professor submits a letter of recommendation.

The project will be carried out at Leiden University, or it will result in a Leiden University master thesis.

How to apply

From the academic year 2016-2017 onwards, it will be possible to apply. If you have any questions, you can contact

About SVM

Today, SVM’s mission is to stimulate intellectual and creative insights regarding packaging and the environment through scientific studies and research in a wide field of sciences. SVM focuses particularly on young generations at universities and (polytech) colleges, to raise their interest and encourage them to explore the subject ‘packaging and the environment’, particularly supporting scientific projects with the capacity to create innovative and previously unknown insights, ideas and solutions.
SVM cooperates with university funds on scholarships and projects in the field of packaging and the environment. These scholarships are designed for master’s degree students and scientific research and based on an economic, technological and legal point of view.

SVM was founded in 1971 by some inspired pioneers of the business community in the light of the developments of the Club of Rome, which published the report ‘Limits to growth’. The report strongly influenced environmental awareness and spread the understanding that a sustainable future could only exist when the environment would be less damaged. The entrepreneurs looked for an answer to the increasing environmental impact of packaging and packaging-waste and searched for solutions in which consumer use, ecology and economy would be in balance. In the early years of its existence, SVM was a network for debate, intellectual and creative exchange of ideas concerning packaging and the environment in the perspective of European and global developments. During the 1990’s the Foundation represented the entire packaging chain in several packaging covenants with the government with the objectives of prevention, reuse and recycling. The intention of SVM during this period was to realize ambitious targets on packaging and the environment, on the basis of a shared responsibility of the public and private sector, and in cooperation with consumers.
Since 1998 SVM no longer has this role and no longer acts on behalf of the packaging chain. SVM manages the funds that remained from contributions of the more than 200 companies associated with SVM during 1990-1998.