Leiden University Fund.

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Sponsored chairs

Besides the professors by special appointment funded by LUF, a number of other special chairs are financed by Named Funds, at this moment the A.W. Hins Fund, the Prof.mr. H.G. Schermers Fund, the Gieskes-Strijbis Fund, the Betsy Brouwer Fund and the UNICEF Chair in Children's Rights.

Prof.dr. Ton Liefaard

This last fund finances the UNICEF Chair in Children's Rights. ‘There are still so many children throughout the world who are deprived of their rights. In Leiden, we want to train a new generation of academically educated professionals who can change this situation,’ says Professor Ton Liefaard.

International Knowledge Centre

Liefaard is the holder of the UNICEF chair in Children’s Rights, an initiative of UNICEF, Leiden University and LUF. Liefaard: ‘Children’s rights are relatively “young”. In Leiden  we want to broaden the scientific knowledge on this issue  in order to improve the position of children worldwide. In a short time Leiden has evolved to become an international knowledge centre in the field of children’s rights.'

Liefaard’s goal is to attract more students to Leiden. ‘We want to broaden our existing  grant programme to give us a better geographical spread so that we will have a bigger world impact. We already have students from Japan, Jordan and South Africa, but there are enough other countries where more attention is needed for children’s rights, and where studying is by no means an automatic right. We want to reach those students as well.'

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