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LUF Professors

There are more than 100 endowed chairs at Leiden University. Endowed chairs are subsidised by funds outside of the university. LUF currently subsidises 13 chairs at Leiden University. The LUF professors are trailblazers within their academic fields. By providing these professors with an endowed chair, LUF enables them to expand their field within Leiden University.

Endowed chairs are always temporary. It is up to the university to transform the endowed chair into a regular professorship if it becomes clear that the endowed chair meets a structural need. If the university decides that the endowed chair no longer adds value after a period of ten years, the chair is dissolved. As a result, there is a continuing presence of innovative professors.

LUF Professors A.A.J. Blokland Criminology and Criminal Justice
Prof.dr. B.U. Forstmann Neuroscientific testing of psychological models
Prof.dr. A.E. Gorbalenya Applied Bioinformatics in Virology J.L.M. Gribnau  Quality of Fiscal Regulations
Prof.dr. S. Haring  Public Understanding of Science
Prof.dr. A.W. Hins Press, Broadcast and Media Law
Prof.dr. M. de Jong Experimental Astroparticle Physics
Prof.dr. P.J.F. Lucas Artificial Intelligence J. van der Plicht Isotope Archaeology
Prof.dr. O. Praamstra Dutch Literature in Contact with Other Cultures
Prof.dr. G.J. van der Sman History of Drawing and Printmaking
Prof.dr. D.J. de Vries History of Building and Heritage
Prof.dr. J.R. Wijbrans Geology

LUF also provides administrative support to several funds that subsidise endowed chairs:

Lorentz chairs

Prof.dr. J.W. van Holten Theory of supergravity and cosmology (Leiden)
Prof.dr. P.P.A.M. van der Schoot Theoretical Physics (Utrecht)

Other chairs

Prof.dr. N.M. Blokker International Institutional Law (Schermers Chair) T. Liefaard UNICEF-Fund Chair Children’s Rights C. Waaldijk Comparative Sexual Orientation Law (Betsy Brouwer Chair)

Appointment procedure

The appointment procedure for a LUF professor is initiated by one of Leiden University’s faculties. The proposed chair is then evaluated by LUF’s Committee for Academic Expenditure (Commissie voor Wetenschappelijke Bestedingen, CWB), which consists of representatives from Leiden University's seven faculties. After a positive recommendation by the CWB and LUF’s board, Leiden University makes a final decision.



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