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CASSA grant

Leiden University students who are planning a group activity, can apply for a CASSA grant. The CASSA committee welcomes applications for innovative and extraordinary activities that benefit a relatively large group of students. Examples of activities include excursions, conferences, student society anniversaries, sports tournaments, theatre performances, concerts, commemorative publications and the establishment of a periodical. 

Questions & Answers

Which criteria should our activity meet?
You activity is eligible for a CASSA grant if you can answer all of these questions with ‘yes’:

  1. Is your student activity innovative or extraordinary?
    CASSA grants cannot be used for regular or planned expenses. In other words: annual anniversaries are not eligible, but lustra are; almanacs are not eligible, but commemorative publications are; replacement of an existing facility is not eligible, but a significant improvement is. However, if your activity is clearly innovative or extraordinary, even a regular or planned activity may be eligible. Not sure whether your activity is eligible? Contact LUF via +31 (0) 71 513 0503 to schedule an appointment for the CASSA office hours on a Monday. Only students who have attended the CASSA office hours can submit an application (see How do we complete our application?).
  2. Does your activity benefit a relatively large group of Leiden University students?
    Exceptions to this rule are only made for outstanding individual achievements. 
  3. Do the students and/or student society involved contribute financially?
    In addition, LUF always appreciates it when applicants try to secure funding from additional sources. You can find sources in the Fondsenboek (in Dutch), which can be consulted at the LUF office (Rapenburg 61, Leiden).
  4. Is your activity linked to a Leiden University degree programme or faculty, is it organised by students, and is participation not rewarded with credits?
    If students receive credits in exchange for participation, the activity is part of the curriculum and should receive financial support from your department.
  5. If your activity is a study trip: does your trip have an academic focus and/or is it clearly linked to your degree programme?
  6. Does your activity take place in Leiden on any date apart from 26 November?
    Because LUF reserves 26 November to commemorate professor Cleveringa’s protest during WWII, subsidised student activities cannot take place on this date.
  7. Will you promote LUF in your programme/on your website
    If you receive a CASSA grant for your activity, you should place an advert in your programme booklet as well as a banner on your website. You can find more details in the confirmation letter you receive from LUF if a grant is awarded. Please contact LUF if you have any questions about this. If you mention your activity on social media, remember to also mention the Leiden University Fund as a contributor.

Please note: Grants cannot be awarded retrospectively, so please ensure that you submit your application well on time (see deadlines).


What is a financial security grant?

CASSA awards financial security grants to students who are organising a group activity. During the planning stages, your budget may show that you do not have enough funds to cover the expected expenses. CASSA awards financial security grants that guarantee a specific amount of money to cover the difference between the expenses you made and the funds you gathered. Please note: if the deficit is smaller than expected, you will receive a smaller grant; if the deficit is larger than expected, you will not receive more than the maximum amount originally awarded by LUF. Our advice is to ensure that you do not underestimate your expected expenses when you submit your application.


How do we complete our application?
You need to send your complete application to A complete application consists of the application form you have received during the CASSA office hours (attendance is compulsory, see Which criteria should our activity meet?), plus the required attachments. All documents have to be ordered and numbered as listed below:

  • Attachment 1
    Application letter. Please provide a clear and concise description of your activity and reasons for applying.
  • Attachment 2
    Please describe the planned activity in as much detail as possible. If your activity involves speakers or guides, please describe their expertise and why they have been selected. If your activity is a conference, symposium or similar, please describe how you intend to inform and attract participants.
  • Attachment 3
    ​Budget. Please provide two budgets: one detailing the costs of the activity and one detailing the budget of the student society. Please note: each budget should consist of a balance sheet as well as a clarification.

Please note: You need to submit the complete application inluding the attachments in one file to You will receive an acknowledge receipt by e-mail as soon as possible. Please contact us if you do not receive such a confirmation by e-mail.


Where and when can we find the next deadline / results?

Please ensure that you send us your application by 12PM on the day of the deadline, or before. CASSA will then evaluate your application during its next meeting. The deadlines and meetings in 2016 are listed below. An overview of deadlines and meeting dates can be found in our events calendar.

Deadline  CASSA Meeting

Monday 11 January

Tuesday 19 January

Monday 15 February

Tuesday 23 February

Tuesday 29 March

Tuesday 5 April

Monday 2 May

Tuesday 10 May

Monday 13 June

Friday 24 June

Monday 5 September

Tuesday 13 September

Monday 17 October

Tuesday 25 October

Monday 5 December

Tuesday 13 December


All applicants will receive a confirmation letter within fourteen days after the CASSA meeting. The confirmation letter will indicate whether a grant was awarded. Application results will also be published on this webpage within five days after the CASSA meeting. Applications that have been rejected are not listed.


How do we claim back our expenses? 

You have to send us a report and your expenses claim within two months after the activity. Please send the expenses claim and copies of all relevant receipts (see below to It is important that you clearly demonstrate the final deficit (difference between incomings and outgoings). LUF will use your expenses claim to determine the exact financial security grant you will be awarded. If LUF does not receive your report and expenses claim within two months, you will not receive the grant. Please do not hesitate to contact LUF via if you have any questions!

Your expenses claim should contain the following:

  • Cover letter, including the grant reference.
  • A report of your activity (max. 1 A4 sheet of text).
  • Realisation: overview of incomings and outgoings. Please use the same format you used for your budget form, so the budget and realisation can be compared. It is important that the realisation only contains definite amounts (no estimates).
  • Explanation of the differences between your budget and your realisation. 
  • Copies of receipts for all payments.
  • Evidence that you have promoted LUF (poster, programme, website, etc.).
  • Photos: please send digital files (not in Word) via or

    Your report and photos become the property of LUF and can be used in LUF publications.