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Herman J. Coster Fonds

Het Herman J. Coster Fonds ondersteunt Zuid-Afrikanen die aan de Universiteit Leiden studeren. Tevens heeft zij de zorg voor het onderhoud van een gedenksteen op één van de muren van het Academieplein.

The Herman J. Coster Fund supports students from South Africa who study at Leiden University. Students who are eligible may apply for extra financial funding for the cost of living, books, etc. The maximum guaranteed subsidy amounts to about € 1.500,-.

Application and procedure

Please use the application form special student subsidies for your application. The committee for academic expenditure (CWB) will only consider applications which are submitted using this form and which are completed in full and signed. Submit your application in good time so that the committee can consider your application before the event in question takes place. The committee meets seven times per year. Application deadlines can be found on the website.

In addition to your application form you should submit the following appendices:

  • a motivation for your application
  • a written recommendation by your supervisor
  • a budget, including information about other (potential) sponsors

Nature of the subsidy

The financial support approved by LUF always takes the form of guaranteed subsidies. This means that if the actual costs are lower than the contribution which LUF has approved, the sum of money eventually provided will not exceed the actual costs incurred.