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Donors who are interested in supporting LUF and Leiden University for a number of years have the option of becoming a Keyholder. The name Keyholder was inspired by Leiden's nickname, 'City of Keys'. Keyholders donate a minimum of € 2,500 to LUF, as a lump sum or in five annual payments of € 500. After five years, Keyholders can renew their commitment for another five years.

As a Keyholder you enjoy the following benefits

  • You are invited to the annual meeting of Keyholders, which consists of an outing and a reception.
  • You are also invited to the Dies for alumni (the annual event celebrating Leiden University's birthday) in February, to the opening of the academic year in September, and to other special events.
  • Keyholders who reside in the Netherlands may enjoy tax benefits by donating through a 'Schenkingsovereenkomst'.
  • You are invited to the annual Fun(d)diner. LUF organises the Fun(d)diner as a thank-you for new Keyholders, those Keyholders who have recruited one or more new Keyholders, and Keyholders who are renewing their commitment for another five years. All other Keyholders are kindly requested to contribute € 100.

Becoming a Keyholder

If you are interested in becoming a Keyholder, please contact Juliette Nieuwland via or +31 (0)71 513 0503.


Contact LUF

If you have a question about donating to LUF, you can contact us via telephone +31 (0)71-513 0503 or email


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