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The aim of the Leiden University Fund (LUF) is to help Leiden University to thrive. One of the ways the LUF achieves this aim is by awarding grants to Leiden University scholars and students.

Springboard for research

Grants are awarded once a year for research and education projects. These grants are intended to be awarded to young researchers to help them progress in their academic careers. Over the course of the year, grants are also awarded to university employees and academics to contribute to the organisation of a conference or workshop and also, for specific PhD candidates, to enable them to participate in an overseas conference or fund a study trip abroadA part of the grants comes from what are known as Named Funds: funds with a specific purpose.

Students with big dreams and great ideas

The LUF also awards grants to students who spend part of their programme of study overseas, whether for research, for an internship or to study. Students may also be eligible for a grant towards innovative student activities that benefit a larger group of students. For example, other grants can include support for students with a physical disability or research into packaging and the environment.

If you have any questions, please contact Klaartje Sluijs (Secretary for Allocation of Funds) at CWB@LUF.leidenuniv.nl.

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