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The capital held by Leiden University Fund (LUF) is mostly stored in named funds (Fondsen op Naam). When a named fund is established, the donor clearly indicates what the purpose of the capital is.

Grant applications

It is not possible to contact specific funds in order to apply for a grant. Rather, Leiden University researchers can apply for research project grants and conference organisation grants, PhD candidates at Leiden University can apply for conference participation grants and study trip grants, and Leiden University students can apply for LISF grants (individual projects abroad) or CASSA grants (activities for groups of students). Students and staff members of the Institute for Philosophy can apply for a grant from the Van Haersolte Fund. 


LUF also manages the capital (some € 6,000,000) of six foundations affiliated to Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) and the Faculty of Science. The returns of these funds are allocated in line with the objectives and procedures laid down in their respective Deeds of Foundation.  

In addition, LUF provides administrative services to a number of foundations that support research and education at Leiden University.



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