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Prof.dr. R.A.V. van Haersolte Fund

In 1992 the Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Prof.dr R.A.V. Baron van Haersolte (1919–2002) set up a fund within the Leiden University Fund (LUF) to encourage the study of Philosophy at Leiden University. A maximum of €1.000,- is available for every application that has been approved, in the form of a security grant.


Students and staff members of the Institute for Philosophy at Leiden University can apply for a grant from the Van Haersolte Fund. Students can apply for a study trip grant. Staff members of the Institute for Philosophy can apply for a grant to cover the costs of attending or organising a symposium or conference, or inviting a guest speaker.

Grant applications

Grant applications are evaluated by the Committee for Academic Expenditure (Commissie voor Wetenschappelijke Bestedingen, CWB) after they have received a recommendation from the Advisory Committee of the Institute for Philosophy. Applications for activities that have already taken place or have started before the CWB meeting will not qualify for a grant. The CWB meets three times a year. You will find up-to-date information on deadlines and CWB meetings here: deadlines en vergaderdata van de CWB.

Applications must contain the following documents:

Students must send their grant application for the Van Haersolte Fund to the administrative office of the Institute for Philosophy (Postbus 9515, 2300 RA, Leiden), address: Reuvensplaats 4. Liaison Officer: Karineke Sombroek, 071-5272031,

Application procedure

Applications are assessed by an advisory committee, after which they are sent on to the LUF, together with a recommendation. The CWB of the LUF then decides, on the basis of the recommendation issued by the advisory committee, whether the application will be approved. The CWB notifies the applicant and the advisory committee about the outcome of their decision.

Security grant

The financial commitments offered by the LUF are always in the form of a security grant. This means that if the actual costs turn out to be lower than the grant awarded by the LUF, the amount paid out will not be more than actual costs.


Within three weeks after the CWB meeting you will be notified of the result in writing. You can check the result of your grant application on our website using your reference number, within one week after the meeting: Uitslag laatste CWB-vergadering


Please send LUF the expenses form study trips (Excel)expenses form conference participation (Excel) or expenses form conference organisation (Excel) within three months after the activity. Your signature acknowledges that this declaration is accurate and in accordance with the law. You will receive the grant on the basis of this signed declaration. If the LUF has not received your invoice(s) within this period of time, no grant money will be paid out.

Further clarification

The LUF is entitled to request further clarification of the actual costs and to annul any payments if no clarification is provided or to reclaim the money already paid out.