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Adjusted LUF subsidy conditions due to the corona virus

The LUF has taken the following measures with regard to its subsidy policy as a result of the corona crisis.

1.    Students and researchers who return home early from a stay abroad, for which a LUF subsidy has been granted, can still claim their grant after submitting the customary final report.
2.    If a trip or activity is delayed, you will not lose your grant. Provided that the trip or activity will start or take place in 2021 at the latest. If you cannot fulfil this condition, the grant will expire. A new application can be submitted at any time.
3.    From 20 March 2020, new grant applications will only be considered if the study trip, conference visit or other activity takes the restrictive Dutch government measures - in the case of a trip abroad, also the measures of the country of destination - and the restrictive measures taken by the university into account.
4.    As a courtesy, the LUF will contribute pro rata to any cancellation costs for activities for which the LUF has honoured a grant before 12 March 2020.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send your email to the designated committee: cassa@luf.leidenuniv.nl, cwb@luf.leidenuniv.nl, lisf@luf.leidenuniv.nl. LUF wishes everyone strength and wisdom in these turbulent times.

Update 14 September 2020

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