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Trauma care at King's College Hospital

During five weeks Willem Six visited, with support from the LISF, the trauma department at the King's College Hospital (KCH) and participated in trauma care as part of his internship.

A unique learning environment

One of the main reasons to travel to London for the internship is that KCH is the largest trauma center in Europe, taking care of more than 4 million Londoners. A unique learning environment with many different types of trauma in which there was a lot of knowledge to gain, both from practice but also from colleagues he worked with according to Willem.

"In comparison with the Netherlands, there are significantly more high energy trauma (HET) and trauma caused by violence such as stab and gunshot wounds seen in London. My clinical vision has been greatly broadened. Just by walking around in this environment you learn a whole lot!" - Willem Six

Since the KCH is the largest trauma center in Europe and the hospital is affiliated with King's College University, one of the oldest universities in England, renound and ambitious medical professionals from around the world come visit. Wilem: "While I was here I also had the chance to get some education from these people and was able to see how they worked. In conclusion, this has been an tremendously educational period for me!"

What a city!

This experience, according to Willem, also contributed to his personal development as a human being. "I have been able to experience the English culture and experience what it is like to live in London: from musicals in the West End to watching a tennis match of a Championship tournament at The Queens."

And during his stay, England managed to make it to the semi-finals during the football world championship. This also resulted in a number of great moments in central London where people took to the streets en masse!

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