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The best care for foster children

The University conducts a lot of research into foster care. How can we improve the support for foster children? Which interventions really are effective? It is important that this knowledge is shared not only in academic papers but also with those who work in the practice.

Three Leiden researchers therefore joined forces and organised, with the support of LUF, a national foster care symposium. The Faculty of Social Sciences opened its doors especially and welcomed over a hundred foster-care professionals from throughout the country. In an afternoon, foster-care supervisors, social workers, policy advisors and other experts were given an update on the latest research findings.

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Alongside sharing their knowledge, the organisers also noted the questions and needs of those present. Challenges from everyday practice are a crucial source of inspiration for future research.

‘A fantastic initiative to bring together research and practice.’ 
Hanna, participant

Dr Daisy Smeets gave the interactive workshop ‘Research & Practice: stronger together.’ Literature research will be used to answer the questions that arose, and the answers will be shared with all the participants. This will help them provide the best possible support to foster children and families.

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