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Campaign: Leave a legacy to science

‘Support scientific talent with your legacy’. This is the slogan of the Leave a Legacy campaign that was recently launched by the 15 Dutch university funds. The funds hope to inform people about the different options for including university funds in their wills.

Legacies brochure from the LUF

Request a brochure

Anyone interested can request the free ‘Wat als...’ magazine in Dutch on the nalatenaandewetenschap.nl website. It features the stories of students, researchers and other alumni who were able to spread their wings or get started on groundbreaking research thanks to a grant.

You can request the joint campaign’s ‘Nalaten aan de wetenschap’ magazine here. If you do, please also let us know which university fund you would like to receive more information about. If that is the LUF, you will also receive our brochure ‘Een gift voor de toekomst’; you can also request it here right away.

You will see and hear the campaign this and next week in ads in Trouw and de Volkskrant and on NPO2 and NPO Klassiek.

More information

If you would like to find out more about the options for leaving a legacy to LUF, please contact senior fundraiser Liesbeth van Biezen by calling 071 5276094 or emailing e.van.biezen@luf.leidenuniv.nl

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