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2019 grants for research and education projects

Once a year the LUF Committee for Academic Expenditure (CWB) awards grants to scientific projects of Leiden University researchers. The grants vary from €5,000 to €25,000.

The funds come from a number of Named Funds as well as from the cooperation with the Gratama Foundation, the Elise Mathilde Foundation and SVM (Foundation for packaging and environment). These grants for academic talent are often an important step towards grants from NWO and other institutions.

In its March 2019 meeting the LUF Committee for Academic Expenditure (CWB) discussed 80 applications for project grants. The total amount applied for was € 1.6 million, while available funds amounted to € 703.450. All applications were reviewed based on a number of criteria, among them the innovative character of the project, the problem definition, the cv of the applicant, the methodology, the budget and the relevance for society. Considering the available funds, and for some of the applications the review by external foundations, 33 grants were awarded (41%) for a total of € 591.938, while 47 applications could not be approved. 

Approved projects

Bakels Fund for natural scientific research within archaeology

  • Ms. Natalia R. Donner MA (Archeology), Bridging the Gap: a historical ecology approach to human practices in Gran Darién, Panama, € 5.000

Prof.dr. A.W. Byvanck Fund for projects in the field of classical antiquity at the cutting edge of archaeology, art history, ancient history and classical languages

  • Ms. Dr. Marike van Aerde (Archeology), The Buddha and the Silk Roads: trade connectivity via land and sea, € 3.000
  • Mr. Dr. Tymon de Haas (Archeology), Re-assessing the environmental impact of early Roman expansion – a pilot, € 6.350
  • Ms. Dr. Anita Casarotto (Archeology), Fasti Survey: a project to unlock survey data of the Mediterranean region, € 5.800

Den Dulk-Moermans Fund for projects in the research area of health

  • Ms. Dr. Catherin Marin Mogollon (Medicine/LUMC), Establish human liver organoids for malaria vaccine research, € 25.000
  • Mr. Dr. Bardia Arabkhani (Medicine/LUMC), Het nut van de verwijdingsplastiek, € 25.000
  • Ms. Dr. Chloé Najac (Medicine/LUMC), Investigating brain involvement in Pompe patients, using advanced MR spectroscopy, € 24.290
  • Ms. Dr. Frédérique K. Kok (Science), The mastermind research approach to crack the code for Alzheimer’s disease: contribution of cytokines, € 25.000
  • Mr. Dr. ir. Mark van de Ruit (Medicine/LUMC), AmbuBrain: Ambulant neuromonitoring of brain function outside the clinic, € 25.000

Elise Mathilde Fund/LUF for all fields of science

  • Ms. Dr. Franziska R. Richter (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Integrating Experiences: How individual memories affect cognition – from decision-making to knowledge acquisition, € 24.982
  • Ms. Dr. Lisanne L. Blauw (Medicine/LUMC), Towards a novel screening system for lipid-lowering therapy using heart-on-chip technology, € 25.000
  • Ms.Dr. Yasmine Abouleila (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Ebola and Lassa hemorrhagic syndromes on-a-chip: in search for novel predictive disease biomarkers, € 25.000
  • Ms.Dr. Marije Slingerland (Medicine/LUMC), Expressie van prostaatspecifiek membraanantigeen (PSMA) in maagcarcinoom: implicaties voor tumor-specifieke moleculaire beeldvorming?!, € 25.000
  • Ms.Dr. Kim de Jong (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Verschillen tussen therapeuten verklaren, € 23.661
  • Ms.Dr. Viviana Meraviglia (Medicine/LUMC), MicroRNAs as a marker for malignancy: transition from in vivo to in vitro studies, € 25.000

LUF general

  • Ms. Dr. Honorata Mazepus, (Governance & Global Affairs), Information as a battle-ground: why do people believe in “fake news”?, € 10.000
  • Ms .Dr. Leila Demarest (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Youths and the City: Investigating political socialization processes and attitudes of urban and rural youths in Lagos, Nigeria, € 21.535
  • Ms. Dr. Tanachia Ashikali (Governance & Global Affairs), What does it take to be an inclusive leader? Unravelling determinants of inclusive leadership in public organizations, € 11.075
  • Ms. Dr. Liesbeth van Vliet (Social and Behavioural Sciences) Hoe woorden kunnen schaden: het ontrafelen van de nocebo-effecten van communicatie met ernstig zieke kankerpatiënten, € 22.250

Gratama Stichting/LUF for all fields of science, in particular for projects with a positive societal impact

  • Ms. Dr. Daniela Salvatori (Medicine/LUMC), Dynamic 3D Anatomy to study complex animal models of human diseases, € 22.000
  • Ms. Dr. Joni Reef (Law), Gezinsgerichte strafoplegging in Nederland, € 24.000
  • Ms. Dr. Annemarie Samuels (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Global Palliative Care: A Multi-Sited Ethnographic Study of Care at the End of Life, € 15.972
  • Ms. Dr. Laura Steenbergen (Social and Behavioural Sciences), The microbiota-gut-brain axis in preventing stress-related disorders: antibiotics, cytokine activity, and cognitive reactivity to emotion € 17.830
  • Mr. Dr. Michiel Claessen (Social and Behavioural Sciences), The Leiden Navigation Test for internationally standardized assessment of navigation ability, € 22.530
  • Ms. Dr. Elina van 't Zand-Kurtovic (Law), Wie krijgt een VOG? Determinanten van antecedentenscreening, € 8.500
  • Mr. Dr. Jaroslaw Kantorowicz (Governance & Global Affairs) The Price of Creativity: An Experimental Investigation of Authors’ Remuneration Models, € 10.000
  • Ms. Dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde (Social and Behavioural Sciences) Title: Watch me learn! Placing learning in a social context. € 24.129
  • Mr. Dr. Andrew Littlejohn (Social and Behavioural Sciences) New Digital Ruralities: The Role of “Rural Turners” and Digital Technologies in Transforming Japan’s Depopulating Regions, € 5.250

Dr. F.F. Hofman Fund for education and research in the area of gastrointestinal medicine, preferably for education

  • Ms. Dr. Alexandra Langers (Medicine/LUMC), The Polyp Challenge, € 25.000

Kroese-Duijsters Fund for special research or educational projects from the Law Faculty or the Leiden Institute of Chemistry that have a more than standard impact on the Leiden University research fields.

  • Mr. Dr. Vestert Borger (Law), On the Authority of the European Judge, € 1.983
  • Ms. Dr.mr. Katrien F.M. Klep (Law), Kinderrechten op decentraal niveau: access to (social) justice in het jeugddomein op gemeentelijk niveau, € 7.051
  • Ms. Mr. Esther Kentin (Law), Regulating plastic pollution: basic principles from a scientist’s perspective - ‘Science rules on plastic’, € 24.750

Mulder-Hamelers Fund for research in the field of endocrinology

  • Mr. Dr. Jan Kroon (Medicine/LUMC), How do catabolic and anabolic steroid hormones interact in skeletal muscle? Towards a better understanding of pathological muscle wasting, € 25.000

Nypels van der Zee Fund for the development of new medical technologies or for the improvement of existing medical technologies with the aim of advancing health care

  • No grants awarded

Fund for Roman Archeology for research in the field of Roman Archeology during the first century before Christ until the end of the fifth century after Christ in North-West Europe, both inside and outside the Roman borders, while the link with the Roman Empire should be clear

  • No grants awarded

Schim van der Loeff Fund for a scientific project in the field of research of International Law, in particular regarding the position of foreign nationals

  • No grants awarded

Stichting Verpakking en Milieu/LUF for projects in the field of package and environment

  • No grants awarded

Schild-de Groen Fund for scientific research on cancer

  • No grants awarded
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