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Project grants awarded in 2021

Once a year the Committee for Academic Expenditure (CWB) of the Leiden University Fund (LUF) awards grants for research and teaching projects, ranging from € 5,000 to € 25,000.

The funding comes from the named funds of the LUF and from the collaboration with the Gratama Foundation, the Elise Mathilde Fund and the Packaging and Environment Foundation. These subsidies for academic talent are often an important stepping stone to applications to NWO and other major funding providers. 

The CWB received 69 applications for a LUF grant for consideration at the annual meeting in March 2021. In total, the applications were seeking € 1.4 million, while the budgets of the named funds amounted to € 583,100. All the applications were assessed on three criteria: 1) their scientific importance, 2) the problem statement and methodology, and 3) the ambitions of the applicant and the quality of their CV. Given the available funding and, for some of the applications, the outcome of an assessment by external foundations, 25 of the 69 applications (36%) were awarded a grant, amounting to in total € 490,290.

Applications were also invited for named funds of the Praesidium Libertatis Foundation, which is part of the university. No use was made of this facility. 

The awards for each fund are given below:  

Elise Mathilde Fund/LUF for all scientific disciplines

  • Dr Moji Aghajani (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Unravel Building Blocks of Youth Psychopathology, € 24,958
  • Neske Baerwaldt, MA (Law), Grensverhalen: een podcast en twee lespakketten, € 9,028
  • Dr Jan Kroon (Medicine/LUMC), Detoxifying drug treatment: Towards glucocorticoid treatment without side effects, € 25,000
  • Dr Lauren B. Lauret (Humanities), Regenten van overzee - ministers en Kamerleden met koloniale ervaring (1814-1900), € 10,000
  • Dr Zhuang Li (Medicine/LUMC), Gut microbiota as a novel therapeutic tool to treat type 2 diabetes, € 25,000
  • Dr Erika Tsingos (Science), Morpho-ECM ‚Äì Modelling mechanical cell-environment interactions in pattern formation, € 25,000
  • Wouter Verschoof-van der Vaart, MA (Archaeology), Scars of War: Revealing Conflict Landscapes in Remotely Sensed Data by Combining Citizen Science and Deep Learning, € 24,925

Gratama Foundation/LUF for all scientific disciplines, preferably projects with societal relevance. 

  • Dr Daphne Boer (Medicine/LUMC), ELOF1 and STK19: a new couple in transcription-coupled DNA repair?, € 25,000
  • Dr Thijs Bosker (Governance and Global Affairs), Global Challenges, Local Actions - Bringing sustainability into the classroom and community, € 25,000
  • Dr Bryant J. Jongkees (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Deficient working memory underlying subclinical psychosis: a neurocognitive model, € 24,746
  • Dr Vera Kemp (Medicine/LUMC), Repurposing viral vaccines as oncolytic virotherapy for osteosarcoma, € 24,800
  • Dr Judith Schomaker (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Replacing fear with something new: Using novelty to unlearn fear, € 24,984
  • Dr Astrid L.B. van Weyenberg (Humanities), De Activerende Podcast Methode, € 21,000

Den Dulk-Moermans Fund for scientific research in the field of health

  • Dr Charles P. Clark (Science), Faster analysis of crucial samples: high-throughput mass spectrometry for circulating tumor cells, € 17,220
  • Dr Ahmed Mahfouz (Medicine/LUMC), Predicting cell- and population-specific adjuvant responses, € 24,765
  • Dr Kaya J. Peerdeman (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Know what to expect when in pain: A search for optimal pain expectations, € 24,997
  • Dr Anne-Roos Schrader (Medicine/LUMC), Detecting residual disease and early disease relapses by analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in patients with primary cutaneous diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, € 24,967

Dr F.F. Hofman Fund for research on stomach and intestinal medicine, with a particular focus on teaching

  • Dr Jeroen Maljaars (Medicine/LUMC), Een "vet" rectum, een voedingsbodem voor poliepen?, € 50,000

Mulder-Hamelers Fund for research in the field of endocrinology

  • Dr Milena Schönke (Medicine/LUMC), Mimicking exercise: Designer cytokine as treatment for cardiometabolic diseases, € 4,450

Schild-de Groen Fund for scientific research in the area of cancer

  • Dr Graham Heieis (Medicine/LUMC), Unraveling metabolic heterogeneity in tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells at single-cell resolution: clues for new therapeutic leads, €22,100

Bakels Fund for natural science research in archaeology

  • Dr Laura LLorente-Rodriguez (Archaeology), The plentiful river: Ichthyoarchaeological and biomolecular research to assess the trophic ecology of the Rhine-Meuse delta in the Holocene, € 4,700

Fund for Roman Archaeology for research on Roman archaeology (1st century BC - 5th century AD)

  • Dr Mark Driessen (Archaeology), Romans beyond the Limes: Setting up a Methodology to Investigate and Date Roman Temporary Camps in the Netherlands., € 4,650
  • Dr Cornelis van Tilburg (Humanities), Onderzoek naar Romeinse stadspoorten, zowel naar hun architectuur als hun functioneren, € 1,000

Deisz-Barendregt Fund for research and publications on marine law, water management law and building law, in particular legislation relating to procurement in the construction sector

  • Prof. Egbert Koops (Law), Het ontstaan van het recht van abandon in het Rooms-Hollandse zeerecht, € 12,000

BA Schim van der Loeff Fund for the study of international law, in particular relating to the position of foreign nationals.

  • No awards

Hakkenberg αβγ - Integration Fund for a project that applies mathematical building blocks in issues of scientific and/or societal relevance. 

  • Dr Mar Rodriguez-Girondo (Medicine/LUMC), Modern statistical methods for infectious disease modelling, € 10,000

Packaging and Environment Foundation/LUF for projects in the area of packaging and the environment

  • No awards

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an application, please contact Henk Snijders, secretary for funding allocation via CWB@LUF.leidenuniv.nl

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