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Leiden Empowerment Fund 2021

The aim of the Leiden Empowerment Fund (LEF) is to enable all students and academics at Leiden University to realise their ambitions by creating an academic environment with equal opportunities for all.

In the coming grant round, we will be providing LEF grants to first-generation academics who have faced obstacles during their research. First-generation students and academics have considerably less access to networks within and outside the University, and a lack of financial resources often hampers their studies or research. We speak of first-generation scientists if the parents of the researcher did not study at a university.

If you are a first-generation academic, you can apply for an individual grant. This could be for a research project, for writing an article or for preparing for another, larger grant application. The maximum grant you can apply for is € 15,000. Applications can be submitted between 30 April and Monday 31 May, 13.00 hours.


For all conditions and additional information, visit the Leiden Empowerment Fund application page.

Carel's wish

The LUF opens the 2021 funding round of the Leiden Empowerment Fund in follow-up to the crowdfundingcampaign for Carel Stolker's farewell gift.

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