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Project grants awarded in 2022

The Committee for Academic Expenditure (CWB) of the Leiden University Fund (LUF) awards grants for research and teaching projects, ranging from € 2,600 tot € 35,000.

The resources come from the named funds of the LUF, the project grants funds of Stichting Praesidium Libertatis I and from the collaboration of the LUF with the Gratama Foundation, the Elise Mathilde Fund and the Packaging and Environment Foundation. These grants for academic talent often form an important springboard for applications to NWO and other large granting funds.

The CWB received 52 applications for a LUF grant for consideration at their meeting in March 2022. All the applications were assessed on three criteria: 1) their scientific importance and innovative character, 2) the problem statement and methodology, and 3) the ambitions of the applicant and the quality of their CV. Given the available funding and, for some of the applications, the outcome of an assessment by external foundations, 24 applications were awarded a grant. 

The awards for each fund are given below:  

Bakels Fonds

  • Dennis Braekmans (Archaeology), Developing an Illustrative Reference Atlas for the Petrography of Ancient Ceramics, € 4,950

Den Dulk-Moermans Fonds

  • Mariëtte Boon (Medicine/LUMC) Unraveling the high cardiovascular disease burden in people from South Asian descent: are monocytes to blame?, € 35,000
  • Padmini Khedoe (Medicine/LUMC), Taking a closer look at lung damage and tissue scarring: Characterization of an unique aberrant basaloid cell population associated with chronic lung damage using imaging mass cytometry, € 29,540
  • Floor van Meer (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Diabetic by distraction? The effect of distracted consumption on blood glucose fluctuations, € 34,996

Dr. F.F. Hofman Fonds

Fonds Chastelain-Nobach

  • Lennart Kruijer (Archaeology), Cosmopolitan Islands? Investigating the social embeddedness of cultural innovation in Late-Hellenistic Commagene, € 4,210
  • Olaf Kaper (Humanities), De Isistempel van Berenike, Egypte, € 9,995


  • Taisiya Bezhaeva (Medicine/LUMC), Looking at the small but mighty - heart microvasculature, € 33,150
  • Natalija Bogunovic (Medicine/LUMC), The cell strikes back: disease-responsive gene therapy for aortic aneurysms, € 33,016
  • Linda Geven (Law), European Registry of Miscarriages of Justice, € 11,737
  • Pim van den Hoven (Medicine/LUMC), The PIONEER project (Prediction of wound healing following amputation surgery), € 34,074
  • Judith Pollmann (Humanities), Kroniekencorpus online beschikbaar stellen, € 22,297
  • Milena Schönke (Medicine/LUMC), No guts, no glory: Combining exercise and dietary fiber in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, € 35,000
  • Shelley van der Veek (Social and Behavioural Sciences), How to teach toddlers healthy eating habits: Developing a free eLearning program for parents, € 34,955
  • Ieke de Vries (Law), De rol van de leefomgeving in de seksuele uitbuiting van minderjarigen, € 9,735


  • Diahann Jansen, (Medicine/LUMC), Diabetes as the Achilles heel of anti-cancer therapy, € 34,988
  • Sjoerd Joustra (Medicine/LUMC), Ghreline en de zoektocht naar behandeling van groeistoornissen bij kinderen, € 35,000
  • Ruifang Li (Medicine/LUMC), Thrombosis meets glycomics: deciphering the risk of the first event of venous thrombosis through glycosylation profiling, € 34,989

P.A. Jager-van Gelder Fonds

  • Alice van den Broek (Medicine/LUMC), Understanding metastasis development in uveal
    melanoma for novel treatment opportunities, € 4,000

Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds/LUF

  • Sarah Cramsey (Humanities), Re-thinking the Holocaust Rescuers:  An Interdisciplinary Comparison of Dutch and Polish "Righteous Gentiles", € 23,350
  • Juan Masullo (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Forging an Anti-Mafia Culture. Observational and Experimental Evidence from Italy, € 23,384
  • Elise Swart (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Does feedback do a double-duty? Using feedback to support comprehension while reading and teach reading comprehension skills that can be applied when reading new texts, € 34,950
  • Lara Wierenga (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Rethinking sex in neuroscience of mental health, € 35,000
  • Fatema Zahra Rashid (Science), Towards developing new physiologically inert DNA labels: The extended HI-NESS family, € 35,000
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