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Project grants awarded in 2024

The Leiden University Fund (LUF) Committee for Academic Expenditure (CWB) has an annual project grant round in March for teaching and research projects up to 35,000 euros. This is made possible by the donors of the LUF, the Praesidium Libertatis I Foundation and the collaboration of the LUF with the Gratama-Stichting and the Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds.

The CWB received 58 applications for a LUF project grant for its meeting in March. All applications have been assessed on, among other things, the scientific importance and innovative character of the project, the clarity of the problem definition and the quality of the chosen methodology. Partly based on the available funds, and for some of the applications the judgment of external foundations, 25 applications could be honored.

The awards for each fund are given below: 

Gratama-Stichting/Leiden University Fund

  • Virginie Stévenin, (Medicine/LUMC), Micro-Architects:  Using micropatterns to determine how pathogens reorganize their host cells, € 35.000
  • Jelte Krol, (Medicine/LUMC), Genetic engineering of malaria vaccine to increase immune cell stimulation, € 35.000
  • Susana Valdez, (Humanities), Through Migrants' Eyes: Exploring readers' reception of human and machine-translated health information (MigrantHealth), € 35.597
  • Jordy Meekes, (Law), The role of peer effects in gender inequalities in the labour market, € 25.000
  • Amandine Lerusse, (Governance and Global Affairs), Towards sustainable policymaking: Increasing politicians' use of scientific evidence to address climate change, € 29.400

Stichting Elise Matilde Fonds/Leiden University Fund

  • Awards from this collaboration will be announced mid-May.

Den Dulk-Moermans Fund

  • Suk Wai Lam, (Medicine/LUMC), Deep learning to improve diagnostics of osteofibrous dysplasia (OFD), OFD-like adamantinoma and classic adamantinoma, € 35.000
  • Gertjan Lugthart, (Medicine/LUMC), Early Reconstitution of Lymphocytes Predicting Immune Mediated Events, € 35.000
  • Winnie van den Boogaard, (Medicine/LUMC), Modelling genetic inner ear hearing loss: development of hiPSC-derived inner ear organoids harboring GJB2 mutations, € 35.000

Dr. F.F. Hofman Fund

  • Seng Liem, (Medicine/LUMC), De rol van de endoscopieverpleegkundige bij het opleiden in niet-technische vaardigheden in de endoscopie-opleiding, € 35.000
  • Bram van Os, (Medicine/LUMC), Unraveling the Interplay: Investigating the Role of Fibroblasts in the Pathogenesis of Crohn's Disease Fistulas to find novel Therapeutic Interventions, € 35.000

Chastelain-Nobach Fund

  • Ian Simpson, (Archaeology), Religion and Exchange in Late Antique Urban Markets (5-9th Centuries CE)€ 9.952

Frans Arnold Natural Sciences Fund

  • Mark Aarts, (Science), Ionic Force Microscopy, € 20.000

Bakels Fund

  • Rachel Schats, (Archaeology), One night with Venus, a lifetime with Mercury - An osteological reassessment of syphilis and its treatment in human skeletal remains from the Oude en Nieuwe Gasthuis (1433-1652 CE) in Delft, the Netherlands, € 10.000

Mulder-Hamelers Fund

  • Lisa Koorneef, (Medicine/LUMC), The start of a new era in neuroendocrine research: proof of concept for the control of growth hormone€ 35.000

Prof.dr. A.W. Byvanck Fund/Leiden University Fund

  • Mark Driessen, (Archaeology), Qasr Bshir Conservation Project, € 9.606

Schild-de Groen Fund

  • Noortje de Haan, (Medicine/LUMC), Cracking the Glycan Code of Colorectal Cancer: Towards New Therapeutic Targets, € 35.000

Leiden University Fund

  • Jorian Sepers, (Medicine/LUMC), Unraveling the 'dark' genome using single-cell technology, € 25.000
  • Robin van Eenige, (Medicine/LUMC), Overgewicht en hart- en vaatziekten behandelen door wit vetweefsel vetten te laten verbranden?, € 35.000
  • Remco Goossens, (Medicine/LUMC), Functional in vitro modelling of Duchenne AON therapies using 3D muscle bundles, € 35.000
  • Janine Melsen, (Medicine/LUMC), Unmasking human natural killer cell development and selection: connecting the dots, € 34.233
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