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Project grants awarded in autumn 2022

The Leiden University Fund (LUF) Committee for Academic Expenditure (CWB) has an annual project grant round in March for teaching and research projects up to € 35,000. This year a second round was held in September.

The funds for the autumn round come from the LUF’s named funds and the project grant funds from the Praesidium Libertatis I Foundation. The project grants for academic talent are often an important springboard to applications to the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and other major grant-providing funds.

The CWB received 22 applications for a LUF grant in this autumn round. All applications were assessed on the following criteria: 1) the academic interest and innovative character, 2) the problem definition and methodology and 3) the applicant’s ambition and the quality of their CV. On the basis of the available funds, 10 applicants will be awarded a grant.

Below are the awards for each fund:

Dr. F.F. Hofman Fonds

  • Marieke Barnhoorn (LUMC), Predicting exacerbations in inflammatory bowel disease Are mesenchymal cells in the circulation the answer?, € 14.980

Frans Arnold Natural Science Fund

  • Tim Coopmans (Science), Speeding up quantum computer simulation by recognising Local-Pauli transformations, € 12.886

S.J. Visser Fund

  • Ekaterina Pannebakker (Law), Locus sine lege in conflict of laws, € 34.506

LUF General Funds

  • Jacqueline Hylkema (Governance & Global Affairs), Mapping the False Republic (1550-1800) –  the Leiden University Collection of Fakes and Forgeries, € 32.000
  • Dovile Rimkute (Governance & Global Affairs), Stronger after each crisis? Explaining citizens’ legitimacy perceptions on expanding EU institutional powers, € 16.879
  • Manon Bos (LUMC), Placenta damage caused by antibodies against platelets, € 35.000
  • Leila Demarest (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Economic distress and ethnic backlash in the Global South: investigating the persistence of youth intergroup attitudes, € 30.800
  • Annelieke Petrus (LUMC), Preventing cardiovascular disease in women after pregnancy – Towards integrated preventive care, € 34.500
  • Benjamin Storme (Humanities), Testing Dispersion Theory: A corpus-based study, € 9.072
  • Neeltje Blankenstein (Social and Behavioural Sciences), Teenage Risk Taking in Times of Tiktok, € 34.970
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