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The IAAF aims to cultivate and foster cultural relations between the Netherlands and Japan and to promote Japanese Studies at Leiden University. The foundation takes into account the interests of education and research in the field of Japanese studies at Leiden University.

The board provides grants to projects and activities that fit within the foundation’s objectives. Because the foundation has a special bond with Japanese studies at the university, contributions are sometimes made to specific projects of this study program. This includes, for example, an annual contribution to the collection development for Japan Studies in Leiden University Library and an annual subsidy to the Japanese study program to contribute to the costs of organizing conferences and symposia.

When do you qualify?

Are you interested in discovering the past projects and activities that have received a grant from the IAAF? You can find summaries and images of previous honorees on this page.

Grant applications can be submitted for the following projects and activities:

PhD research

A separate call will be issued for applications for PhD research and announced on the website. Only candidate PhD candidates who have obtained their Bachelor's and/or Master's degrees at Leiden University are eligible for this.

Research projects

Other research projects are eligible for a grant if they fit within the objectives of the foundation.

Congresses, symposia and cultural events

Applications in this category are eligible for a grant if they fit within the objectives of the foundation.


Contributions to the costs of publications, including translation costs, are eligible for a grant if they fit within the foundation's objective.

Assessment of applications

A number of criteria apply to the assessment of applications:

  • Matching part of the costs is not a requirement, but can be taken into account in the decision-making process.
  • The number of applications that can be submitted by one and the same applicant is not limited. It can, however, be an influence in prioritising and approving applications by the board.
  • As a general rule, there is no minimum amount required.
  • You are unable to submit a grant application for:
    - Scholarships for students
    - Rotating chairs/guest professors

Submission deadlines for applications

There are 2 submission dates for applications per year, these are before June 1st or before December 1st. The board will then make a decision on the applications received in June or December. No decisions about applications are made in the meantime.

Apply for a grant

Please note that applications will not be processed if they pertain to activities or costs that have already occurred prior to a decision being made on the application.

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