Leiden University Fund.

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Boards, Council & Committees

Academics, alumni and students play an important role in the organisation and boards of the LUF.

Executive Board and General Board

The Executive Board and General Board, which comprise alumni and academics from Leiden University, determine LUF policy. This policy is prepared and implemented by the employees of the LUF. Various committees help the LUF implement its policy.

The Council

The Council comprises people who have served on one of the LUF’s boards or committees, have offered their services as a professor or who made an outstanding contribution to the LUF. The Council meets the Executive and General Boards at least once per year, and this serves as an opportunity to report on LUF business. The members of the Council are listed in this document

Fundraising Board

The Fundraising Board is a group of ambassadors that uses its network and knowledge to support the LUF in its goal to 'Let ambitions flourish'. This committee currently consists of three members:

  • Mr. R. Koopmans, MSc
  • Ms. B. Stokhuyzen, MSc
  • Mr. S.M. Zwanenburg, LL.M.


The academics on the Committee for Academic Expenditure appraise grant applications made by academic staff. The academics on the LUF International Study Fund (LISF) Committee appraise applications made by students who wish to pursue a research project abroad.


The Committee for General Student Activity Grants (CASSA) appraises student applications for grants for innovative group activities. It also organises the Cleveringa Debate and is responsible for LUF’s student membership.

The LUF boards, the alumni who organise the Cleveringa Meetings and the committees that appraise grant applications all volunteer their time for the LUF. 

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