Leiden University Fund.

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Prizes for talented students

An excellent thesis, the most impressive report or the best research question. LUF stimulates ambitious students to get the best out of themselves.

Leiden University Thesis Prizes

The annual Leiden University Thesis Prizes are awarded during the Alumni Dies Festival. These prizes are funded by the Minerva Reunisten Fund 1957/1961/1965/1973 that is managed by LUF. 

Prizes for international projects

Every year, a large number of students study abroad funded by a subsidy from the LUF International Study Fund (LISF). When they return they write a report on what they have learned, researched and studied. This report is automatically entered in the competition for the LISF Prize. The winner receives a cash prize of 1000 euros, and is also invited to give a talk at a Cleveringa Meeting abroad.

Janneke Fruin-Helb Grant

The aim of this grant is to provide extra attention and financial support for excellent LISF research proposals.  Candidates with a LISF research project that is both highly creative and of excellent quality can be considered for the Janneke Fruin-Helb Grant of 1000 euros.

The grant is named after Mrs A.M. Fruin-Helb, former director of LUF (1989-2003) and co-founder of the LUF International Study Fund (LISF).

Schild-de Groen Fund

The Schild-de Groen Fund was established to support research into the prevention and treatment of all forms of cancer. This named fund awards three annual prizes for a student publication or thesis relating to cancer research. The three winners receive a cash prize of € 1,500, € 750 and € 500. 

Krijn Rietveld Memorial Innovation Award

In honor of Krijn Rietveld (1957 – 2018), LUF and Royal DSM launched the Krijn Rietveld Memorial Innovation Award to recognise and reward excellence in innovative research that contributes to a more sustainable world. This prestigious award accompanies a cash prize of €10,000 and will be handed out annually for the best thesis (MSc), dissertation (PhD) or post-doc research from the Faculty of Science in the field of biosciences in combination with data sciences. 

Leiden Science Young Talent Award

This prize is awarded annually to the best Bachelor's student of the Faculty of Science and is made possible by the Van Dishoeck Fund, a named fund at the LUF. You can read more about the award, its winner and nominees, on the faculty website.

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