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Lustrum and Snouck Hurgronje Grant

During each lustrum year LUF awards a Lustrum Grant of € 250,000 for an interfaculty project relevant to society. Following a special grant to the LUMC corona research, there is still € 150,000 available. In addition, LUF has provided an annual Snouck Hurgronje Grant of € 150,000 since 2019, which is also intended for an interfaculty project relevant to society. In lustrum years these two grants are combined in one round with the same conditions. Applications are assessed by the Committee for Academic Expenditure (CWB) of LUF.

Application procedure

The application procedure for the Lustrum and Snouck Hurgronje Grant 2020 has been closed. More information about the subsidy round of 2021 will follow via this page in Spring 2021. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your application, please contact Henk Snijders (Secretary for Allocation of Funds) at CWB@LUF.leidenuniv.nl (available Mon-Thu). 

Final report

You must submit a final report for your project within three months of the project’s completion. Please use the final report form for this. The final report should contain a number of elements, which can be attached to the form: 

  • a list of expenses (please use the expense form)
  • a descriptive report 
  • photos of the project.

See the Criteria final report to find out what you need to include in your descriptive report. The final report will determine the exact sum that is disbursed and will allow the LUF to show donors and potential donors what their support has achieved. The report and photos will become the property of the LUF and may be used for publication purposes. 

Background information

The Snouck Hurgronje Grant is an annual grant for interfaculty research or teaching projects. For more information on the Snouck Hurgronje Grant, see the article ‘New grant and prize for projects that foster cohesion,’ which is about the sale of the Snouck Hurgronje house and the use of the proceeds.

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