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Student activity

If you have an idea that could clearly benefit a wider group of students – such as a symposium, study trip or show – you can submit an application for a CASSA grant.

If your student association, study association or debating society is planning to organise an (online) activity, you can apply for a grant from the Committee for General Student Activity Grants (Commissie Algemene Subsidies StudentenActiviteiten, CASSA). This committee will evaluate your application based on several aspects. Among other factors, your activity must be new and extraordinary, it must benefit a fairly large group of students and it must be organised by students. For example, CASSA supports excursions, conferences, anniversary celebrations, sports events, shows, concerts, commemorative books and the foundation of a periodical.

Applications for the Van Bergen Fund are also made via CASSA. You can select the Van Bergen Fund option in the application form.

Application and selection

If you meet all the criteria, and if you can show the committee why your project is unique and deserves to be funded by CASSA, please submit your application. See the CASSA grant conditions for the full list of criteria. If you meet all the criteria you can proceed to submit your application. Please read the Information about applying to CASSA for more information about what you need to submit and the application procedure. Keep your application concise and to the point.

You can submit your application at several points during the year. Make sure you plan thoroughly, so you can submit your application well before the activity takes place! You can find all the submission deadlines and meeting dates under CASSA meeting agenda. Your application will be considered during the next CASSA meeting. You will be informed of the outcome of the CASSA meeting by email within 14 days following the meeting. 

Activity expenses

We ask that you send a final report no later than two months after the activity takes place. Please use the LUF Subsidy Portal to submit this report. Please see the criteria for CASSA final report to find out exactly what you need to include in your report. 

Your financial security grant will be paid, either partially or in full, on the basis of this report. If CASSA does not receive your financial and substantive report within this timeframe, you will no longer be eligible for the grant. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at CASSA@luf.leidenuniv.nl.

The LUF may use your report and photographs to inspire other students to apply for a grant to organise an activity, and to show donors and potential donors what their support has achieved. Your report and photographs will become LUF’s property and may be used for publication purposes.

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