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Highlighting two special studies

Your gift today will allow our researchers to work on new solutions for a healthy future!

Nasal spray against respiratory infections

Every year, many people end up in the hospital with serious respiratory infections from, for example, the flu virus, RS virus or coronavirus. The elderly, babies and people with weak immune systems are particularly vulnerable. Immunologist Hermelijn Smits (LUMC) is researching a preventive nasal spray based on the body’s own bacteria. Please donate to the next phase of research so that Hermelijn and her team can further develop the nasal spray.

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‘The nasal spray should strengthen the immune system. If it has this intended effect, it will be available at pharmacies in the future. That would be fantastic because it would prevent many people from becoming seriously ill. Thank you so much for your support.’ Prof. dr. Hermelijn Smits (LUMC).

Donate to the preventive nasal spray

Relationship between invasive aquatic plants and mosquitoes

Due to climate change, invasive floating aquatic plants are spreading rapidly in the Netherlands. A disaster for biodiversity and public health too possibly. At the same time, we are also seeing more mosquitoes and mosquito species that can transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus and malaria. Ecologist Emily Strange is researching whether aquatic plants provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Donate now to field research that will investigate whether there is a connection. 

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‘We want to use Environmental DNA (eDNA) for our field research. This will allow us to detect the DNA of all the species living in samples of water. eDNA is fast and accurate, but it’s very expensive too. Thank you so much for your support.’ Dr. Emily Strange (CML)

Donate to the field research

Groundbreaking research

With your donation, you are supporting groundbreaking health, security and sustainability research. And you are contributing to the development of the scientific talents of the future. Your donation makes a difference!

You can also donate to the Leiden University Fund by bank transfer at NL20 RABO 0330 1371 58 stating which project you are donating to. On behalf of Leiden University, its researchers and students, thank you for your support!

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