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The Fund for Roman Archaeology was established in 2017 by Mrs C. van Driel-Murray. 


The Fund was established to support research in the area of Roman archaeology during the period from the 1st century BC to the end of the 5th century AD in the region of Northwest Europe, both within and outside the borders of the Roman Empire. The research must display a clear relationship with the Roman Empire

The Fund aims to support research into all aspects of material culture in the broadest sense of the word (i.e. objects made and/or modified by humans).

The Fund was established in 2003 by Lady Lili Quarles van Ufford, PhD in memory of her husband, Prof. A.W. Byvanck, who was Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art History of Antiquity and Ancient History at Leiden University from 1922 to 1954. The legacy provides the funding for the Byvanck Chair and annually awarded grants.


The Prof. A.W. Byvanck Fund promotes archaeological and art history research at Leiden University in the field of classical antiquity within and outside of the Netherlands. It also provides support to the Bulletin Antieke Beschaving (BABESCH; Bulletin of Ancient Civilisation), including the annual Byvanck Award and funding of the annual Byvanck Lecture. The Fund focuses particularly on archaeological research in the tradition of Prof. A.W. Byvanck and Dr Lili Byvanck-Quarles van Ufford themselves. That is to say: research on classical antiquity at the interface between archaeology, art history, ancient history and classical languages.

C.C. Bakels is an Emeritus Professor of Archaeology in the Faculty of Archaeology, who specialises in natural sciences research within archaeology. She obtained her PhD in 1978 and in 1998 was appointed as Professor of Paleo-economics in a chair endowed by the LUF; in 2003 this chair was converted into a regular chair.


To promote natural sciences research within archaeology, primarily at Leiden University and secondarily at other universities or scientific institutes in the Netherlands.

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