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Our Keyholders form a close network of involved alumni and other friends of Leiden University who actively support scientific education and research.

Besides innovative research and teaching projects, Keyholders make an essential contribution to the personal and academic development of researchers and students. Leiden University and the LUF are very grateful for the involvement and the contributions of our Keyholders.  

Specially for Keyholders

We organise events every year specially for our Keyholders, ranging from lectures and debates to visits to private collections or themed tours of the Hortus Botanicus. Keyholders contribute to innovative scientific research and teaching projects by donating a sum of at least € 500 (€ 750 for couples) annually for a period of five years by means of a Keyholders agreement.

As a key donor you will receive invitations for:

  • our events for Keyholders
  • the dies natalis for alumni 
  • special receptions and lectures, such as discussions, political debates and museum visits
  • the Keyholders dinner 
  • the annual academic highlights: Opening of the academic year, the dies natalis and the Cleveringa lecture

You will also be mentioned in annual reports and on this website under Overview of key donors. If you have any questions, please contact Marijn Versteegen via sleuteldragers@luf.leidenuniv.nl of 071 513 05 03. 

Young Keyholders

Are you younger than forty years old? Then we would love to welcome you as a Young Keyholder. This means you become a donor for 120 euros a year for a minimum period of five years. 

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