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Donating from abroad

Many of our alumni live outside the Netherlands. Maybe you are one of these alumni and you wish to contribute to the success of your alma mater?

Transfers from outside the Netherlands

You can transfer your gift (in euros) to the Leiden University Fund via IBAN number NL20 RABO 0330 1371 58 and BIC number RABONL2U.

Standing order

If you live in one of the SEPA countries, you can make a donation simply via a standing order. SEPA is the abbreviation for Single Euro Payments Area. Countries that are part of SEPA have made agreements about simplifying financial transfers.

The authorisation form can be found on this page. If you have any questions, please contact us via info@LUF.leidenuniv.nl or 071 513 05 03.

Donating from the US

The LUF has set up the ‘University of Leiden Fund’ for American alumni with the Netherland-America Foundation, Inc. (NAF). As a Leiden alumna or alumnus you can organise your gifts and donations under the favourable fiscal provisions applicable for ‘public charities’ in the United States.

There are several ways of donating to the LUF via the NAF:

  • Credit card: visit thenaf.org and donate with your credit card.
  • Cheque: write your cheque to the Netherland-America Foundation, Inc. and indicate "University of Leiden Fund" in the memo part of the cheque. Send your cheque and the completed NAF form to The Netherland-America Foundation (505 8th Avenue, Suite 12A-05 New York, NY 10018).
  • Wire transfer: to make this kind of payment, please contact the NAF via development@thenaf.org or (212) 825-1221.

Gifts to the Netherland-America Foundation are deductible from American federal income tax. IBAN numbers can sometimes cause confusion in the United States because smaller banks do not know how to handle these numbers. In that case you are advised not to use the IBAN number. In some instances you may be asked for an ABH or routing code. These codes are not applicable for the Netherlands.

Cleveringa meetings

We also organise a large number of Cleveringa meetings for our alumni abroad: from Tokyo to Paris and from London to New York. Do come and join us at these events.

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