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Participation in a conference abroad

PhD students at Leiden University can apply for a grant for participation in a conference outside the Netherlands, only if they are not on the payroll of the university (max. € 750 in Europe and max. € 1,500 outside of Europe). Attending the conference must be part of a recognised research project within the faculty and/or part of a PhD programme.


If you would like to apply for a grant to participate in a conference, please download the grant conditions and CWB application procedure at the top green ‘tile’ on the right of this page. If you meet all the criteria, you can submit an application using the LUF Subsidy portal.

Note: Grants for participation in a conference outside the Netherlands are only available to PhD students who can show that they do not hold a salaried position, meaning that they do not have a paid employment contract with Leiden University, LUMC or a related institution. PhD students who have a zero-hours contract or a personal grant and external PhD candidates are eligible.

Applications will only be considered for activities that are due to take place after the date of the next CWB meeting. Please see the CWB meeting overview for the meeting dates and submission deadlines. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Klaartje Sluijs (Secretary for Allocation of Funds) by e-mail to CWB@luf.leidenuniv.nl (Mon-Thu).

Final report

We must receive the final report for your project no later than two months after the project is completed. Please submit your final report via the LUF Subsidy portal. Submit your documents using this form, if your grant was not applied via the portal. The expenses claim must include the following information:

  • Financial expenses claim. Please use this expenses form if your grant was not applied via the portal.
  • Descriptive report. See the criteria for the CWB grant final report to find out what you need include in your descriptive report.
  • Photographs of the conference.

The final report will provide the basis for the grant amount to be decided and paid, and it will help us to show alumni, donors and potential donors what their support has achieved. Your report and photographs will become the property of the Leiden University Fund (LUF) and may be used for publication purposes.

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