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CASSA meetings and deadlines

This page contains the upcoming meeting dates and the final submission deadlines for applications. If you would like your application to be considered at the next meeting of the Committee for General Student Activity Grants (Commissie Algemene Subsidies StudentenActiviteiten, CASSA), you must make sure your application is received no later than the end of the day of the final submission deadline.

You can only submit a grant application if you have attended CASSA‚Äôs consultation hour. You can make an appointment till 15:00 on Fridays via an online reservation tool. Please allow two days in your planning to receive feedback from the committee members after the consultation hour.

The consultation hour is every Monday morning from 9:20 to 11:00 at the Oude UB, Rapenburg 70 in Leiden. An appointment takes 20 minutes.

Please note that on the 1th of April, the 20th of May, between 25 June - 25 August 2024 and 10 December 2024 - 5 January 2025 there will be no consultation hour.

Deadline CASSA applications CASSA meetings
Thu 22 February 2024 Tue 5 March 2024
Thu 28 March 2024 Tue 9 April 2024
Thu 2 May 2024 Tue 14 May 2024
Thu 30 May Fri 21 June 2024
Thu 12 September 2024 Tue 24 September 2024
Thu 7 November 2024 Tue 19 november 2024
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