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Gratama Science Prize 2023 award ceremony

Gratama Jubilee Gift

The complex societal issues of our time rarely fit seamlessly within the boundaries of a single field of study or specialization. When seeking solutions to these challenges, it is crucial for scientists to engage in dialogue across the borders of their own domain and discipline.

To encourage this, the Gratama-Foundation, in celebration of its 100th anniversary, is offering a LUF grant of 100,000 euros: the Gratama Jubilee Gift 2025. The grant is intended for an interfaculty and/or interdisciplinary project that ties in with one of the nine interdisciplinary research programmes of the university.

In autumn 2024, the Gratama-Foundation, together with LUF’s Committee for Academic Expenditures (CWB), will make a selection from project proposals nominated by the faculties. Which of the project proposals will receive the grant will be announced in early 2025.

Applications supported by the Faculty Board can be submitted from 29 May to 1 July 2024. Please note that the pre-selection deadline is earlier and different for each faculty. Please contact the person coordinating the process within the faculty (see below). All necessary information can be found in the files and forms under the green tiles on this page. Questions can be sent to the LUF CWB secretariat via cwb@luf.leidenuniv.nl. It is also possible to make a telephone appointment with the secretariat via this email address.

Faculty liaisons

Each faculty may submit one application. A pre-selection will be made within each faculty, and a contact person will  act as a liaison between the applicants and the LUF Secretariat.

Archaeology Jimmy Mans
Humanities Marcel Belderbos
Medicine/LUMC Pieter de Koning en Mihaela Voinea
Governance and Global Affairs Annemarie Bouwman
Law Karin van Heijningen
Social and Behavioural Sciences Hester Bergsma
Science Monique Leemkuil

Final report

One of the conditions for being awarded the Gratama Jubilee Gift is to submit a final report after completion of the project for which you have received the grant. This final report serves as the basis for the disbursement of the grant. The final report must be submitted within two months of the completion of the project. The final report consists of three parts:

  • a list of expenses (see the expenses form)
  • a descriptive report, including a word of thanks to the Gratama-Foundation
  • photos to accompany the descriptive report

The descriptive report with the photos is your substantive account for the CWB, which has awarded the grant. The report and the photos become the property of LUF and may be used for publication purposes.

Header photo: Gratama Science Prize 2023 award ceremony with, from left to right: Tom Theuns, Reinier Gratama, Linda Geven and Dorine Schellens.

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